Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is a relatively recent development in the law where the changing landscape of litigation, including increased costs etc. has encouraged solicitors to seek alternative ways to find early, less expensive and more practical resolutions to everyday problems. Lefevres have been involved in various formats of Dispute Resolution over many many years with Senior Partner Frank Lefevre being able to go back to transatlantic negotiations and case conferences in 80’s.Dispute Resolution can take the form of Arbitration, Mediation or generalised meetings and we specialise in finding the most appropriate form depending on the nature of the problem that exists. We have been involved in various forms of resolution for cases involving complex medical negligence, fatal accidents, breach of contract, pharmaceutical defect and many many more.At Lefevres we boast over 100 years of experience in handling all forms of disputes and have the experience to be able to bring early resolution to your case.