Employment Law

Employment Law


Employment law has become more complex and it is in your interests to have professional representation throughout the process. However as costs are rarely recoverable it can be a very expensive process to proceed with an Employment Tribunal.

At Lefevres we can assist with direct negotiation with an employer, settlement agreements, ACAS Early Conciliation, Mediation and Tribunal representation.

As matters currently stand, there are fees applicable for pursuing claims through an Employment Tribunal. At Lefevres we assist with those fees. We operate a genuine no win no fee service. Alternatively it may be that you have legal protection via your insurance policy and that being the case then your insurer may meet the cost of our fees.

Over the past few years, Lefevres Claims have been involved in two high profile Supreme Court cases, namely Ravat-v-Halliburton Manufacturing and Services Limited and Hewage -v- Grampion Health Board. In the Inner House in the Court of Session Scotland, we were also involved with Tom MacNeil -v- Aberdeen City Council.

These cases were supported by Lefevres and the costs of Senior Counsel and Junior Counsel were met by Lefevres Claims.


Over the previous 4 decades there have been significant changes in the area of Employment Law. Employment Tribunals now deal with a huge variety of issues and complaints.

As an employee you acquire certain rights. These include:

• The right not to be unfairly dismissed

The right not to be constructively dismissed

The right not to be unfairly selected for redundancy

The right not to be unfairly dismissed on health and safety grounds

The right not to be unfairly dismissed for asserting a statutory right

• The right not to be discriminated against on grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage in civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or believe, sex and sexual orientation.

• The right to receive your wages

• The right to receive equal pay for equal work

• The right to paid annual leave

In the event that your employer breaches any of these rights then there is a mechanism for you to find out if you have a right of action against your employer. Employment Tribunals are available for employees to bring their complaints and for the Tribunal to make awards of compensation in the event that the employee is successful with their claim.