Medical Negligence

Clinical and Medical Negligence

Lefevres have been advising, investigating medical negligence claims, or as they are also known clinical negligence claims.

We, more than most, can appreciate how devastating it can be when a medical procedure or indeed when medical treatment over a period of time has a detrimental effect on an individual. Also there can be the frustration and devastating consequences of late diagnosis, late treatment or missed diagnosis.

At Lefevres you will initially speak with the same claims handler who will pursue and stay with your case from commencement to completion.

We have dealt with many hundreds of medical negligence claims and the chances are that your particular circumstance is one which we will have had experience of previously.

Medical negligence can occur through numerous professions such as your GP, hospital specialist or staff, treatment specialist, cosmetic work, or indeed your dentist.

Contact us to discuss your case with a view to Lefevres advising and progressing your claim for compensation.