Mis-Sold Solar Panel Claims?

Mis-Sold Solar Panel Claims?

In the last 6 years have you purchased Solar Panels? Did you purchase them as a result of misleading information being provided by the sales company about the amount of electricity the system would produce and the amount of money you would be paid under the something known as the ‘Feed in Tariff’?


If the answer is yes, contact us and speak directly with our Solicitor, Iain Nicol about securing compensation. He has successfully obtained compensation for a significant number of individuals mis-sold solar panels.

If the company that sold you the solar panel system has gone out of business we can, in many cases, still recover compensation for you.


We act on a ‘no win no fee basis.


We act across Scotland with offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

To discuss a claim and find out of you are eligible you can contact the solicitor, Iain Nicol directly on  07851 255105 , by email IWN@lefevres.law, or by using the contact form on our website.



Can you claim?

If you were advised that buying a solar panel system would give you a financial return, which meant you would not be ‘out of pocket’, then yes you may be able to claim.



Did you:

• Purchase or pay a deposit for the panels using a method of finance (either a finance agreement or credit card)

• The panels were purchased within the last 6 years.

• You believe you were mis-led about the performance of the solar panels because you were told the system would produce a financial benefit and that is not happening.

• There is a significant loss each month between the financial benefits of the solar panels (Feed-in-Tariff and energy bill reduction) and the finance repayments you need to make, but this was never explained to you by the sales person when you purchased the solar panels.

• That the panels would ‘pay for themselves’

If you can answer, yes to any of the above you should contact our Iain Nicol to discuss claiming compensation on 07851 255105  or IWN@lefevres.law



What are solar panel claims?

We understand that many solar panel companies used various sales processes which included misrepresentations about the benefits produced by the solar panel systems. Once purchased, it subsequently became apparent to many owners that the finance repayments significantly outweigh any benefits being received from using the system.


The financial benefit of the solar systems, in many cases was exaggerated. Whilst a solar panel installation can help to reduce energy bills, they cost several thousands of pounds and, may not be suitable for every home. Whether a solar system is suitable depends on a number of factors including location of property, size of the property and energy usage. In purchasing the solar panel system, you would have relied on the information provided by the sales person.


Many owners were told by the sales person that the system “would pay for itself”, “was self-funding” or that “the system would ensure that they would not be out of pocket”. In some cases, it has been reported that owners were told that their system would be “subsidised by the government.”


The solar panels were originally sold as an investment, with customers being advised that the panels would pay for themselves because the financial benefits received from a Feed In Tariff (FIT) and energy bill reduction would cover the monthly finance repayments on the loan they were advised to take.


If this has happened to you then we would recommend you speak with us to see if you can claim.

How will I know if I have been mis -sold or the position of solar panels misrepresented to me?

In the case of solar panel systems, mis-sold or mis-represented means that you were told by the sales person that the purchase of the solar panel systems was an investment which would pay for itself; the financial benefits received from the tariff known as Feed in Tariff (FIT) and energy bill reduction would cover the month finance re-payments that you would be expected to make to pay for the system.



Do I need to have paid for the solar panels in a particular way in order to claim?

Yes. If you bought your solar panel system through a particular finance agreement, or made a part payment on a credit card to the sales person then you will have a right to claim.



Can I still make a claim if the company is no longer trading?

The Consumer Credit Act protects consumers who have purchased items costing over £100 using a finance agreement or credit card.

What this means is that the credit/financial company is jointly liable for any complaints you may have about the company that installed the panels, where there is no company trading.



What if I used a credit card?

If you only used a credit card to pay for the deposit payment, you will still be covered for the full purchase price of the panels but only if the deposit was a minimum of £100. This is governed by the Consumer Credit Act



Are there time limits for a solar panel claim?

If you have bought solar panel systems based upon misleading information in the last 6 years then contact us to discuss making a compensation claim.