Personal Injury

Accidents At Work

Unfortunately tens of thousands of people in Scotland alone have an accident at work every year.

No matter what field you work in, from agriculture to zoology, from office based to working at sea, you are at risk.

Injuries can occur through accidents with vehicles, machinery, slipping and tripping, lifting excessive weights, impairment as a result of your working environment, negligence of a co worker and many others.

Whatever the cause you could be in a position to make a successful claim for compensation as a result of injury sustained and financial losses incurred.

Lefevres have a wealth of experience in handling claims from all sectors of working life, not only in Scotland and the UK, but abroad too. This expertise repeatedly benefits our clients and helps them to make substantial claims for compensation.

We will give you all the advice, help and support you need at what can be an extremely difficult time and look to progress your claim to a successful conclusion.

Road Traffic Accidents

Motor vehicles play a large part in all our lives. Even if you don’t drive, the likelihood is that you will be a passenger or come into contact with road vehicles as a pedestrian or cyclist. It is not surprising that most of us know someone who has been injured in a road traffic accident taking into consideration that there are around 20,000 road traffic accidents occurring every year on Scotland’s roads alone.

Whether you were the driver, passenger or a pedestrian involved in a road traffic accident, whether the accident occurred in the UK or abroad, our team of expert claims handlers are hugely experienced at handling all types of accident injury claims involving motor vehicles, motorbikes and pedestrians. From the most common whiplash and soft tissue injury claims to injuries of the upmost severity, including cases of brain damage, amputation, paralysis and fatalities.

Industrial Disease

Industrial disease covers many different conditions, some of which can only come to light years after exposure to certain conditions at work. Problems can develop associated with asbestos exposure, but also in relation to noise induced deafness, chemical poisoning, industrial asthma, vibration white finger and dermatitis, these are just to name a few and the list unfortunately continues to grow.

In many cases of industrial disease the sufferer may have contracted the particular ailment decades ago. This won’t necessarily have an adverse effect on your claim, providing you only discovered or became aware of the affliction within the last 3 years. If you feel your working environment has had a profound effect on your health, then don’t hesitate to talk to us.

Slip Or Trip And Public Liability Accidents

There are some accidents for which you can claim compensation that are not unique to the workplace. Slipping and tripping are two cases in point and more commonplace than you might expect. Consider uneven pavements, loose cabling, defects in the road, uneven staircases, low, unsighted beams. The list is endless. Practically every building has a design flaw or unknowingly flouts a Health & Safety issue of some kind.

The reality is that the most seemingly insignificant thing can cause the most serious injury. A loose tile in a restaurant, shop or public house could all lead to a successful claim. Accidents can occur due to a faulty chair, negligence of staff, faulty equipment, all of which can lead to personal injury.

In most instances a local authority, business or indeed individual, will have Public Liability Insurance cover to provide compensation to you for the injuries you have sustained and any other associated losses.

If you are a victim of this kind of negligence, we can help